News out from Italy, precisely from "La Gazzetta Dello Sport", publishes that Spanish Football Club Real Madrid has contacted (asked about) 22 year old Argentine & Lazio Central Defender Lucas Biglia. The player is sounding - along with others - as a possible substitute for Sergio Ramos in case the latter does not come to an agreement over his contract renewal with Real Madrid.

There is rumour that Real Madrid offered 22 M€ which Lazio rejected because they value Biglia around the 30M€ plus mark. A news piece that could be motivated by other interests as it appears that Manchester City & Paris St Germain could be competing to sign the Argentine.

Real Madrid interest 2015

Meanwhile staying with Real Madrid, other news is that goalkeeper Iker Casillas has an offer from AC Roma which is to his liking. The Italian Club knowing well the complicated situation of Casillas with Real Madrid & the latter desire to find an exit, has only offered a 3M€ per season salary (he now earns 8M€) & wants the player without a transfer fee. The solution would be that Real Madrid pay his salary difference of his remaining 2 year contract. 

Stay tuned on both fronts!


Spanish Football & Sevilla FC will lose a fine forward. The representative of Colombian International Carlos Bacca has announced that Italian Club AC Milan has come to an agreement with Sevilla FC to transfer player for next season. The economic amount is said to be 30M€ with a 4 seasons contract for Bacca.

New AC Milan player

Interesting to find that Bacca has sacrificed playing in Champions League next season as Milan will not participate in said competition. This makes one think that the offer made to the player was hard to knock back. 

We wish Carlos Bacca all the luck in the World at Milan & in Italian Calcio.


Turkish International 28 year old midfielder Arda Turan has officially communicated to Atletico de Madrid Directives that he wishes to leave the Club. Reasons? Two:
  • Has offers that promises more money,
  • Runs too much at Atletico de Madrid.
At Madrid 2015

What ! may say looking at the 2ยบ  reason, but this is what Spanish Sports paper "Marca" publish. Apparently Atletico Coach Simeone makes the Turk run too much in his tactical set-up. If this is true, its something I haven´t heard before publicly from a Football Player for wanting to leave a Club. Alternatively it could be a "Club thing" to sway public & fan opinion away from the player to allow an easier exit. 

Either way, Turan has apparently a Paris St Germain offer & a possible FC Barcelona offer as well with one of the Club Presidential candidates - Bartolmeo. Also there is rumour that Manchester United may also be asking & talking with the player.

Atletico de Madrid has it clear; for any Spanish Club its 41M€ + VAT (contract release clause), if the offer comes from outside Spain the Club will negotiate the transfer price. 

Stay tuned as we all await to see an official offer from another Club. If no offer arrives, Arda Turan will continue, he has contract with At Madrid until 2017. In this last case, who knows Coach Simeone may make the Turk run a little bit more. 


If you were to ask me if I see defender Sergio Ramos elsewhere next season that is not Real Madrid my answer is NO. As written below there is a solid arm wrestle going on between the player & Real Madrid to better players contract & economic conditions. Each is using their cards to get the upper-hand with half stories & even non-truths. 

Sergio Ramos has played a wild card that may have taken things too far, that is bringing in the supposed Manchester United offer. Both parties met yesterday to calm things & apparently Ramos solicited Real Madrid to consider any extraordinary offer they could receive. Thus Ramos has opened the "exit door" forcing again the negotiations but Real Madrid President Perez - nor Coach Benitez - wish to have to push out the Central defender. Both would want Ramos to stay.

My "gut" feeling is that when the burning pride of both player & President calms down they will find a middle ground to fix things. However, what if things escalate again with Ramos finally being sold to, say Man United? 

Transfer 2015 liga

Real Madrid is said to have these alternative players in mind:
  • Nicolas Otamendi (born 1988, Valencia CF): problem his 50M€ contract release clause with added VAT payment of 10.5M€. Plus he is not a EU citizen. Manchester United is also interested.
  • Leonardo Bonucci (1987 Juventus FC). Juventus has no intention of selling at this stage.
  • Laurent Koscielny (1985 Arsenal ). French International who has not found regularity at Arsenal.
  • Shkodran Mustafi (1992 Valencia CF). Valencia has not good relations with Real Madrid & the player has contract until 2019.
None, except perhaps in Otemendi are at the World class level of Ramos. But as I said - at this current moment - I don´t see Ramos leaving Real Madrid. 

Stay tuned!


Lots being said & written overseas (UK especially) & locally on the future of Real Madrid & Spanish International Sergio Ramos. The British press is saturated with news that the player is disgruntled with Madrid, that he has an offer on the table from Manchester United & that the defender may take it up. In fact, media sources indicate that Manchester United wishes to include Ramos in the David De Gea negotiations.

Real Madrid

Although Football is full of unexpected turns, the truth of the matter at this moment in time is that Sergio Ramos is not going anywhere. Sorry to disappoint Manchester United fans. Yes, it maybe possible that Sergio Ramos representative his brother Rene met in London earlier to discuss things with United & that there could be a 12M€ / season offer... It is however still unclear, but for this post lets suppose it does exit.

The current reality is that both Sergio Ramos & Real Madrid are locked in tough negotiations to renew his contract & with it a hefty salary rise. All means are being used by both sides to grab the upper hand, some methods are indeed sinister with false stories being filtered to media about things that are not true or half truths. The main battle now currently on is to win the public opinion.

Sergio Ramos still has 2 years of contract with Real Madrid. The defender wishes to renew but with a pay rise from 6M€ to 10M€ per season, while Real Madrid offers only 7M€. Sergio Ramos feels that his status, & that others defenders of "less" level are earning up to 12M€ elsewhere,  is  justification, & the Real Madrid offer is somewhat is a small "insult". 

With this scenario, Ramos & his advisers have began to tense the wire & the negotiations filtering stories (true or not) of multi-million offers with the added threat of leaving. Even FC Barcelona has been included with a supposed approach by the player to one of the Presidential candidates currently in campaign. 

Real Madrid is not a Club that likes these sort of games, even though they themselves resort to similar tactics to get the upper bargaining positioning. Many players have taken on Real Madrid President Florentino Perez & have lost; Higuain, Ozil, Di Maria etc (just to mention a few). Thus Sergio Ramos & his team are playing a dangerous card & things could back fire if the pulse is too strong, or they break the string. 

What seems logical is that both Ramos & Real Madrid will come to an agreement. Both will have to give a little but both wish a positive outcome & conclusion. However, if it is true that Manchester United has made a formal offer to Real Madrid & indeed offer Ramos 12M€ per season, Real Madrid could decide to let go Ramos & grab the money. Already names of alternative defenders are popping up like Otamendi (Valencia CF), Bonnuci (Juventus FC) & Hummels (Dortmund)... no one, & least in Real Madrid is any player so special, essential & important to force their way. Perhaps the exception is Cristiano Ronaldo, but he too is losing power with age. 

Stay tuned. Although locally many observers believe the power struggle will be positively solved between Ramos & Real Madrid, anything could happen. A wrong & badly interpreted message or gesture could see Ramos flying to Manchester - or elsewhere - against his true hearts desire  

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